Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Welcome to the world of LPS

Welcome to the world of Low Power Solutions.  Our aim is firstly to help the environment and encourage everyone to have a raised awareness of how important energy saving is to us all.  Even more importantly how what we do now by changing our lifestyles to a healthier way of living is going to impact enormously upon our future generations.

We have started our company by encouraging the use of LED lamps and lighting as one of the most significant and easy ways of reducing energy usage and saving money.  This will instantly start to pay back the cost of changing over from the old types of lighting in our homes, businesses and public places including schools by reducing the cost of buying electrical energy.  After that we would encourage people to consider how they spend their time and how easy it is to gain a healthier life style by being outdoors engaging in any activity that benefits individual well being. Our on line store and shop is orientated to offering the best deals available with the goods we sell, so check us out at and watch this space for news and updates on a regular basis.

LPS has a particular interest in boats and caravanning, so keep an eye on our blog, where we will be sharing experiences with some of the latest low power products.